Interview of Belyt Inocencio

Good morning Belyt , you have been there one year and half and today you leave us to go back to Philipines, thank you to take time to answer some questions on your experience 🙂 

How long have you been a volunteer?

Belyt: A year and a half, I started in March 2021 until now.

Why do you want to be a volunteer? 

BelytI have been working in an office and when I finished that job, I heard from a friend that Saint-Louis needed volunteers during the Covid, and I joined with pleasure!

Could you explain what is your mission in Jerusalem and more precisely in Saint-Louis Hospital? 

Belyt: I was a care giver with patients in the Geriatric Department. I prefer geriatric because there are a lot of tubes in the Palliative Care Department and I’m not really comfortable with these.

Have you done this job before coming? 

BelytOf course not, never. When my brothers and sisters learned that I was working here they couldn’t believe it because they know that I am a very particular person, especially regarding hygiene, etc.

Did you find it difficult to adapt to this (new activity)/(your activity in another culture)? 

BelytNot at all, because I had very good teammates who were really very helpful. They taught me how to do things slowly, how to take care of the patients, and it was so nice because I could see, from their example, how they were very accommodating with the patient.

Is there an encounter that has marked you during your volunteering?

Belyt: I will bring with me the satisfaction, the fulfilment because I received a lot interacting with the patients.

It was really an enriching experience for me !

What challenges have you faced? How did you deal with them?

Belyt: Maybe the challenge that I could not communicate with the patients, because they speak Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and I could only speaking English and Italian. However, I realize that if you have the disposition to try to understand them, language is not really a barrier.

What is your best memory of your volunteering? 

Belyt This feeling of being able to help patients but most specially receiving from them.

A last word? 

Belyt: I hope that everybody, or as much as possible, many people, should find time to volunteer or could come and visit the Hospital because it is a very enriching experience to be able to talk with the patients and to learn from them!

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