Interview of Anna-Marie

Good morning Anna-Marie , you have been there six month and you will leave us on January back to Netherlands, thank you to take time to answer some questions on your experience  🙂

How long have you been a volunteer?

Anna-Marie: I stayed 6 month in the hospital

Why do you want to be a volunteer? 

Anna-Marie: I had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad with my university, so I decided that I wanted to become a volunteer somewhere.

Could you explain what is your mission in Jerusalem and more precisely in Saint-Louis Hospital? 

Anna-Marie: Haha! [Laugh] I was not really prepared before I came. So I thought I would watering the plants and play games with the patients. But I became a caregiver; so I took care of the patients.

Have you done this job before coming? 

Anna-Marie: No, I have not done this job before. And to be honest, I didn’t expect to be able to do this job. But the team and other volunteers teached me a lot. 

Did you find it difficult to adapt to this (new activity)/(your activity in another culture)? 

Anna-Marie: Not that difficult, but it took me a while before I new my way around. My way around the hospital, but also in the city and the appartment. But everyone I met was really kind, so that made it easier.

Is there an encounter that has marked you during your volunteering?

Anna-Marie: Of course! The culture, the people in the hospital and the work teached me so much.

Especially the generosity of the people and the hard work they perform every day. It is one big family and I really loved that.

I couldn’t say that there was one particular moment that marked my time as a volunteer. There were many moments. I loved watching the World Cup with all the staff and patients in the hospital. Or working with so many different nationalities and patients from all over the world. It really made my time at the hospital very special.

What challenges have you faced? How did you deal with them?


In the beginning it was hard for me that I was not able to communicate with everybody. Not everybody speaks good English, or only Hebrew, Arabic or Russia for example. Besides that, the Dutch culture is different than the Arabic culture, but it was very interesting.

What is your best memory of your volunteering? 


Oh.. Oh,  I so enjoyed my time in the hospital or in the volunteer apartment! I especially loved laughing with the patients and other caregivers.

A last word? 

I really had the best time of my life at Saint-Louis.

Anna-Marie: […] Meeting all the staff, working with the caregivers, taking care of the patients and talking with the patient’s families. I am so grateful for the time I spent here!

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