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About Saint-Louis Hospital

Thanks to the French influence, around the year 1980, there is a rise of the Christian religious orders in Jerusalem. The majority is French and contributes to the urban development. The congregation of Sisters de Saint-Joseph of the Apparition is the first community that works in Jerusalem, since 1948.


The sisters arrange a hospital, made up of three rooms, within the Latin Patriarchate. Unfortunately, the lack of place and discomfort make this location intolerable. With the assistance of the patronage of the count of Piellat, a bigger hospital is built outside the ramparts of the city. It is located opposite the New Gate, opened in 1889 in order to allow a direct access to the recently established Christian institutions. The hospital starts to function in 1880, but is completed only in 1896 and can then receive a hundred patients. As a general hospital, it is equipped with a dispensary. An operating room and a service of hospitalization.


The care is given to all, Jews, Christians and Moslem, without any distinction... for More information about the Hospital History Click Here.


Current situation of the Saint-Louis Hospital


Today, in Jerusalem, Saint-Louis Hospital is not any more the only institution establishment specialized in palliative care, and yet it remains unique in its kind:


A multi-disciplinary team accompanies the patients at the end of their lifetime. These patients and their families are painfully confronted with the suffering of the disease, the mystery of dead and the fears that follow. By our work, with our heart, our compassion, our conscience and our faith, we do all in order to witness to them the respect and the dignity to which they have right.


The quality and the professionalism of our care, the deeply human and cordial relations that we lavish to our patients, as well as the support and regards that we bring to their families, all that in a family atmosphere, are largely recognized and make the reputation of the hospital.


In the center of this area marked by the political violence and conflicts, we look after patients of all religions and political, ideological, ethnic or social background – in the most total respect of their habits.


The patients, may they be Jewish, Christian or Moslem, often share the same room. The families, which without that would never meet, speak to each other, share, and get to know each other. At the bedside of a dear one who suffers or who will die, the hearts approach, the hands are unites, and the social, religious or political borders do not exist any more...


In fact, the Sisters of the congregation “Saint-Joseph of the Apparition” have the responsibility of the hospital. This Christian presence, alive in the center of the Holy City and of the holy Land, is currently even more important because of the number of autochthon Christians who leave the country...

The hospital is supervised by the Israeli Health services. We give to our patients of Jewish confession all the guarantees such as they are defined by the Great Rabbinate of the state of Israel (inter alia, the kitchen is casher).


The personnel and our volunteers are the smile of the hospital. The volunteers come from different countries.

They live and work on our promises, with us. They come for a period of three months to two years. They are devoted to their tasks with all their heart; they bring their youth and their enthusiasm. Their love for the patients, the benevolent care that they lavish to them, and the generosity that characterizes them makes them invaluable to the hospital. Some of them have a formation in the medical field; others have a professional that is not linked with medicine: that's no problem, they learn with us the basic and the gestures which save. And will live a unique experiment...